2010 The Chinese year of the Old Fat Bear

With a slight revamp of the teamlist the Grizzlies look to regain top spot

With a little bit of luck and a couple of beers and souvas

After 18 long and illustrious years Ned has finally called it a day. Having spent the majority of her time after Uni hanging out with a bunch of older men she still hasn't been able to pull one of them so she's moving to Launceston to try her luck there. With the Grizzlies most predatory female gone Floppsy feels it's safe to return to the pools on Wednesday nights and promises to make a spectacular return. We'll believe that when he's lining them up at the PoW. As for the rest of us Lynchy and Maddie were being threatened with relegation to the crapper grades but are hoping that the Grading Committee realise that they're both crap and the rest of the Grizzlies are carrying them. Big Knob will have to drag himself out of his aircraft hanger to get to the games while Killa is hoping to have to travel an additional 500 metres down his new drive before pennant 2. Scotty and Gaffers are still having to come in from beyond the Black Stump on Wednesdays. Cheesey doesn't seem to have been on his Tour de Bloody Big Hills Around Tasmania so may struggle in the pre-season training whereas Crusty has been living it up in Hawaii so we're expecting to see no tan lines when he gets back. Martian is still working hard but managed to find time to get engaged while Max is pissing of dirty Danglers in the South Esk River.

With Winchy having to move up after winning two gongs last pennant we're hoping a couple of the other show ponies from the Premiere League move on to pastures new and leave the dirty old men of underwater hockey to enjoy ourselves explaining the niceties of the sport to anyone who lines up on the opposite side of the pool on a Wednesday night.